“Affordable Alternative Healthcare” – Sliding Scale Support for Community

by | Sep 2, 2015 | Uncategorized

So I have decided that I wish to truly help those beings whom are slipping through the cracks of our healthcare and are unable to qualify for assistance programs…as they are too “well off” in their struggles to survive.   I get it!   Reach out and let me know what is going on and I will do my best to assist.  I am unable to offer any adjustments to herbs or essential oil costs as, well, they cost me money, however I am willing to support folks with my valued time and information. In that respect of our time – my cancellation and no show policy will apply.

I truly appreciate those whom can afford to pay my rates as they reflect what I feel my time is valued at.  I, too, have loans and overhead, but have been in dire scenarios and am so grateful to those whom helped me. I just wish to pay it forward, so to speak:)