Life is hectic, slowing down is key for balance. Since 1999 my acupuncture practice has evolved with the implementing of herbs, essential oils, sound therapy, stone medicine, food harmonizers and Five Element wisdom to offer each being an opportunity to reset, listen within and find Your unique way to BE in the world. Tap into your innate healing energy and let the river of life flow… so you may thrive.

What would Fire do in a lockdown? Be sure to Calm the Flames…

by | Mar 25, 2020 | Elements, Essential Oils, Gifts of Fire

Pixaby Contain the Sacred Fire

Greetings Fellow Travelers,

Today I share how the Fire element within us all can seek balance and nourishment in these challenging times.   We truly are in a reset and heart listening is the key!   I am aware that the audio may not play from your email but will if you press on the “View this email in your browser” link.   See, lol I am getting all teched out… it has only taken a societal halt to have me truly expand beyond my comfort zone.

Please reach out if you would wish for more support in these times!  We are all in this together:)