Life is hectic, slowing down is key for balance. Since 1999 my acupuncture practice has evolved with the implementing of herbs, essential oils, sound therapy, stone medicine, food harmonizers and Five Element wisdom to offer each being an opportunity to reset, listen within and find Your unique way to BE in the world. Tap into your innate healing energy and let the river of life flow… so you may thrive.

What would each of the Elements do in this confinement scenario?

What would each of the Elements do in this confinement scenario?

5 Elements photo collage by Molly

5 Elements photo collage by Molly

Greetings Fellow Travelers
During these chaotic times of so much unknown, we have all entered unprecedented territory. My intent is to share the Wisdom of the Elements as practical guidance to find balance. We, humans, like to think we have control, so when events and an invisible “virus” deconstructs our way of life, society functions, and the world’s economies… everyone is within this collective cauldron of change. Each of us has walked into this moment with all the baggage of our stories beforehand. For some, dealing with the fear of basic survival issues has been a constant… they never knew if rent would be made, or if cancer would return, or if a child would relapse again. Others invested… literally in ensuring their well-being would be supported by their hard work and savings – so as we hit market reactivity resonant with the Great Recession, this erratic stripping of one’s “worth” is absolutely overwhelming. We are all being asked to step up in ways we never thought we could, as individuals, but most importantly as fellow human beings honoring so many that are suffering. Chaos creates circumstances that truly ignites the potential for radical transformation, but it takes a radical trust!

The 5 Elements of Chinese Medicine are not only tools for medical diagnosis created with over 4,000 years of observation and application of diet, herbs, acupuncture and essential oils. They also reflect how our psychological imbalances may be harmonized. We all have the 5 Elements within us, as we all have a liver (Wood), heart (Fire), spleen/stomach (Earth), lungs (Metal) and kidneys (Water). Each element also has a personality – a “go-to” when stressed or in survival mode and most of us are comfortable in 2-3 of the elemental proclivities.

For example, the Wood aspect of ourselves is the part that strategizes in times of stress. The wood is most comfortable when doing, moving, building, and engaging. It is the most challenged by a lockdown as all that energy can feel trapped when not hiking, running, or being drained. Hence it is the aspect that corresponds to headaches, jaw tension, muscle stiffness as some of the physical symptoms. As for the psychological ones it is the element that easily gets frustrated or angry when not able to”do” what it needs to be independent and free.
I will share more in the audio below.
For any interested in learning more about your own elemental allies, please fill out the 5 element questionnaire under my first-time paperwork tab. I will create audio for each of the elements.

For anyone interested in discovering how they may use this sequester for self-inquiry and harmony, please contact me to learn how I may serve you in these tumultuous times.

Please listen to the following blog posts about each of the elements.

Raven Wisdom… one stick at a time

Greetings Fellow Travelers,

I am sipping on tea, the pups are finally lounging in the sun and I am listening to my sacred vortex in the trees of Pecos.

As we are coming closer to Spring and the weather teases us with warmth and mud… but reminds, with the icy chill winds and continued snows, that we are not quite ready to allow the tendrils from seeds planted in the past to burst forth.   I am blessed to observe how the Ravens prepare for their babies to come.  I have lived in this valley for over 20 years, and in this home I built, about 11.   The intimacy with which I engage with the elements and all the beloved creatures is such a gift… they are my gurus.   About a week ago it was so clear how so many, myself included, felt just done with winter and we were experiencing the compression of Wood energy that just wants to burst forth now!!!   The frustration that builds as nothing happens, nothing is being done – the “mind” roils with that one – and yet… it is not its Time, the Tao reminds.    So my dear Raven friends showed up in tree close to my portal, with a few sticks in their mouths.   Papa – as I call the large male whom has gone on walks with me… and smartly knows how to raid the dogs bones when they are not aware:) – he gave me one of his penetrating stares – the one that says – pay attention.   Off they flew to a tree they have used in the past and I observed the fastidious fussing begin.   The dawn’s sun was just igniting the tips of the Ponderosas and they each were bringing their offerings as they sorted them, to weave into becoming a nest.   What is a clear is that this process is undergone with patience and perseverance.   They each have their roles and undertake such in a flowing procession of ritual. One stick inserted at a time.   As the nest gathers volume I note how the enraging winds of spring sort out what will not serve.   The next morning the dynamic duo are back to begin repairs.  Papa will even seek out certain live twigs on the tips of trees as he trims them for the perfect curve.

This is the Tao in motion.   This is what the Ancients observed and tracked for centuries to apply to the Wisdom of the 5 Elements as a philosophical and medicinal treatise to health and balance.

SO folks… as Spring nears we are encouraged to balance our Wood element.  To nourish ourselves as the energy builds to create our visions and dreams.  It is timely that we are bursting to begin, to birth.  to ENGAGE…   but the process cannot be rushed.   Pushing up river is only exhausting.   Listen for the winds of change… of “what is” to assist the creative process – so what will not serve – flies away.   One stick at a time we build the foundations for our heart’s manifestations to come.  Be patient.  Persevere.   Trust the unfolding that has done so for the eons of seasons this beloved planet has known since time began.   Breathe.

More to come to assist in supporting the Liver and the Gall Bladder so we may flow with ease on life’s trajectory.

Keep calm and Sparkle on!