Life is hectic, slowing down is key for balance. Since 1999 my acupuncture practice has evolved with the implementing of herbs, essential oils, sound therapy, stone medicine, food harmonizers and Five Element wisdom to offer each being an opportunity to reset, listen within and find Your unique way to BE in the world. Tap into your innate healing energy and let the river of life flow… so you may thrive.

How is the Metal – the Mental aspect – handling these unchartered times?

by | Mar 27, 2020 | Elements, Essential Oils, GIfts of Metal

Metal Organizes image by Pavlofox -

Metal Organizes image by Pavlofox –

So the Metal element, which corresponds to the lungs and large intestine, is not only the element whose organ systems are the most challenged by the COVID-19 virus, it is also the part of all of us that likes to pretend we have control in any situation.   Nothing like a pandemic to override that delusion that the mind “knows” what is going to happen.   Often individuals who have dominant Wood and Metal aspects are the ones most threatened by feeling a lack of control in a situation.  This is due to the fact that our Wood element tends to strategize and wants to “do” something to deal with the scenario – to “fix it’, and the Metal is the part of all of us that thinks we can solve the solution if we are smart enough.   Our society tends to deem the “doers and thinkers” are the successful achievers in our material world.   As we reflect upon our individualist culture at a time when we are all asked to sacrifice our freedoms for the good of the many, it is a paradigm shift for sure.   Be sure to take conscious, present breaths to nourish the lungs, walks in nature are the best medicine!!!

So how does one balance an aspect of ourselves that is truly out of its comfort zone?