Life is hectic, slowing down is key for balance. Since 1999 my acupuncture practice has evolved with the implementing of herbs, essential oils, sound therapy, stone medicine, food harmonizers and Five Element wisdom to offer each being an opportunity to reset, listen within and find Your unique way to BE in the world. Tap into your innate healing energy and let the river of life flow… so you may thrive.

Raven Wisdom… one stick at a time

Greetings Fellow Travelers,

I am sipping on tea, the pups are finally lounging in the sun and I am listening to my sacred vortex in the trees of Pecos.

As we are coming closer to Spring and the weather teases us with warmth and mud… but reminds, with the icy chill winds and continued snows, that we are not quite ready to allow the tendrils from seeds planted in the past to burst forth.   I am blessed to observe how the Ravens prepare for their babies to come.  I have lived in this valley for over 20 years, and in this home I built, about 11.   The intimacy with which I engage with the elements and all the beloved creatures is such a gift… they are my gurus.   About a week ago it was so clear how so many, myself included, felt just done with winter and we were experiencing the compression of Wood energy that just wants to burst forth now!!!   The frustration that builds as nothing happens, nothing is being done – the “mind” roils with that one – and yet… it is not its Time, the Tao reminds.    So my dear Raven friends showed up in tree close to my portal, with a few sticks in their mouths.   Papa – as I call the large male whom has gone on walks with me… and smartly knows how to raid the dogs bones when they are not aware:) – he gave me one of his penetrating stares – the one that says – pay attention.   Off they flew to a tree they have used in the past and I observed the fastidious fussing begin.   The dawn’s sun was just igniting the tips of the Ponderosas and they each were bringing their offerings as they sorted them, to weave into becoming a nest.   What is a clear is that this process is undergone with patience and perseverance.   They each have their roles and undertake such in a flowing procession of ritual. One stick inserted at a time.   As the nest gathers volume I note how the enraging winds of spring sort out what will not serve.   The next morning the dynamic duo are back to begin repairs.  Papa will even seek out certain live twigs on the tips of trees as he trims them for the perfect curve.

This is the Tao in motion.   This is what the Ancients observed and tracked for centuries to apply to the Wisdom of the 5 Elements as a philosophical and medicinal treatise to health and balance.

SO folks… as Spring nears we are encouraged to balance our Wood element.  To nourish ourselves as the energy builds to create our visions and dreams.  It is timely that we are bursting to begin, to birth.  to ENGAGE…   but the process cannot be rushed.   Pushing up river is only exhausting.   Listen for the winds of change… of “what is” to assist the creative process – so what will not serve – flies away.   One stick at a time we build the foundations for our heart’s manifestations to come.  Be patient.  Persevere.   Trust the unfolding that has done so for the eons of seasons this beloved planet has known since time began.   Breathe.

More to come to assist in supporting the Liver and the Gall Bladder so we may flow with ease on life’s trajectory.

Keep calm and Sparkle on!

Fog Energetics ahead… magical manifestation possible

Greetings fellow travelers

Wanted to share some of my favorite insights to the Astro vibe of the times… feels important to be aware of what collective archetypes are being activated so one may discern what is “mine or other”.    I am finally organizing a mail chimp distribution weekly and aware this has taken – years.  Please do unsubscribe if not your vibe:)

My intent for the future is to offer essential oil and sacred stone support to help us align our intentions with the times.  I have found steadfast vibrational support assists me to not waver in the winds of mental distortion and emotional overwhelm.   I shall also focus upon nurturing our nervous systems as sensitive souls truly are challenged by an inundation of info, energies and overwhelm.  It is exhausting if we do not learn to harmonize ourselves and buffer from these onslaughts.   I do not think the intensity is lessening rather shall ramp up, thus we must learn to be our own balm in these times of transformation.

Be Fabulous, Be YOU!

Courage to Create?  Leo Full Moon 2/9/20

Courage to Create? Leo Full Moon 2/9/20

February feels like a buffer from all the intensity that built up into the New Year and we have begun the Chinese Year of the Metal Rat; perhaps this productive, smart and resourceful archetype can assist us move through the Capricornian theme of reclaiming our own power and authority.   Systems of all kinds, all structures and all beliefs are up for re-evaluation as our innate operating platforms undergo a microscopic review.   Any shadow is invited to come forth to the light to be seen, integrated and transformed with forgiveness so we may each launch anew into the matrix.    Having a career assisting courageous beings walk the heroic path of trauma transmutation I see that everyone’s imprint – their genetics even, are the alchemical fodder –  the lead that becomes the gold.   

It is intense to be alive, let alone nourish oneself, balance life stressors and create in a way that defies the script of culture.   I have decided to start sharing the supports I have found to assist me on this journey.    We are all travelers, embodiments of starlight, here on Earth in our human suits.   These days are excruciatingly polarized and thus, it is no longer a luxury to be able to tune out.   Balancing, nourishing, resetting – these are literally necessities to survive if we are to do so as integrated and grounded vessels of our Star essence.  Trees have been the most amazing of teachers… why I changed my middle name to Sylvan, to be “of the forest” seemed a wisdom to live by – rooted and reaching for the stars – both roots and stems must be balanced, nourished and aligned with the seasonal shifts to thrive.  I have found that the Elementals, nature and all its unique species offer us the magic of Presence to support our journey.  As we are vibrational beings physicalized in this time and space it is the vibrational support of essential oils and sacred stones that truly resonate as profound and potent allies to harmonize all aspects of our Self.   

Astrology offers another vibrational lens, insight into our blueprint so to speak as well as a current of energies through which one may observe trends in the collective.   I sense some beings have shifted beyond these references… but my interest is rather how may I neutralize the exacerbation of one archetype, planet, sign, etc…   How may I be impeccable in my own resonant field as I engage with the collective, the world and its story.   IF interested I will be sharing my synthesis of info with each moon phase.  I will share the allies whom may offer support and the ways in which may they may inspire your own alchemical attunements within.   

This weekend’s Leo Full Moon is igniting the courage to fulfill that which your heart wisdom speaks of…   Ruby, Kyanite, Rose and Atlas Cedarwood wish to offer their inherent wisdom that you may embody the changes you seek.   Info to be posted soon.

Rubies and kyanite