Life is hectic, slowing down is key for balance. Since 1999 my acupuncture practice has evolved with the implementing of herbs, essential oils, sound therapy, stone medicine, food harmonizers and Five Element wisdom to offer each being an opportunity to reset, listen within and find Your unique way to BE in the world. Tap into your innate healing energy and let the river of life flow… so you may thrive.

Balancing our Being during Stressful Times

by | Feb 13, 2017 | Uncategorized

WOW – these last weeks have been a “Shock and Awe” on our nervous systems for sure!   The onslaught of so much at once… all the Unknowns – and the terrifying awareness of where this all “could” be heading has had most of us kick into overwhelm.  The polarization is seemingly at its max and we are left to try to unwind, ground and nourish… but it is a challenge as the “collective” is so unhinged.

Symptoms to look for that suggest your “activist” requires some TLC!

Insomnia, Teeth-grinding, Palpitations, Shortness of Breath, Neck and Back tension, Nausea, Digestive disturbance, Headaches, Colds or Flus that last for weeks, Inability to Calm the Mind, Anxiety, or any of your own system’s vulnerabilities that have been activated!

Here are some thoughts:  Nourish the Activist Within