Life is hectic, slowing down is key for balance. Since 1999 my acupuncture practice has evolved with the implementing of herbs, essential oils, sound therapy, stone medicine, food harmonizers and Five Element wisdom to offer each being an opportunity to reset, listen within and find Your unique way to BE in the world. Tap into your innate healing energy and let the river of life flow… so you may thrive.

Welcome to StarRoots and thank you for your support!

Welcome to StarRoots with sparkling salutations!
Thank you for your support!

I am so honored to hold a sacred space where each of you are valued for your unique magnificent blueprint from the Stars…and you know you are here to manifest your Awesome Kickass Embodiment!

What a time we have chosen to BE HERE NOW… It is amazing, it is overwhelming, and as we all know deep within, these are the time we chose to embody our own Star Essence on this magical living spaceship called Earth.

I know, if you have resonated with my words, you “grok” the calling – the mission – to embody your Vastness within this light spectrum of holographic experience.

I, like so many, have felt we have been preparing for  a time would come when “I” would be asked to come out of the forest and hold up a beacon ~ so others may bring their light to shine brightly in darkening times.

It is now. Personally, I’m activating giggle codes and launching opalescent sparkles into the matrix to transmute the polarizing density.

I am Sovereign

I am Free.

I am HERE to BE ME.

Thus we gather, to share our medicine, to activate our quantum codes – to transmute what holds us back, and liberating the unique expression and soulful infinite majesty held within every being, every stone, every nook and every star.

We are ALL Jedis now.

Ignite delight and defy the darkness!

Your Presence IS the Present!

Let your gift of Beingness assist our sacred creation on Earth.

I look forward to sharing, learning, listening and activating with all of you,

Keep Calm, Sparkle On…