I am Blair Sylvan Grey, a practicing Doctor of Oriental Medicine since 1999.

Ready to have your own “r-evolution”… be accountable for your well-being and liberation?  Please check the offerings I have created for these amazingly intensely transformative times.

Online Wellness Consultations

For acupuncture sessions, contact me here

Ready to get the Root of the issue?  This initial consult is where you begin the journey of integration, by connecting the dots to learn new ways to support your well-being.

Find out if we resonate and if I am the guide and collaborator for your transition?  From this initiatory session we will explore how I may be of service with my multi-faceted expertise.

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Elemental Wellness
Initial Evaluation

(First Session Only)
75 min / $166

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We have connected… and we have explored how I may collaborate with you as you delve deeper.

Here are the additional ways we can work together:

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Wellness Consultation

75 min. / $166*

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Water Element

Tune Up? Tune In?
More Questions?

75 min / $144*

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Three Sessions

75 min ea / $399

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Tea Monk

Six Sessions

75 min / $733

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Wish to explore the Chinese medical applications of oils as applied to you own quantum field via acupuncture points? Each month I will delve into the medicinal, alchemical and vast potential of an essential oil ally for our well-being in these times of transmutation.

Join the StarRoots

Want some perspective on an oil or something general… reach out. 

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Quick Question
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(Email Only)

Email me a question about… anything and I will send an email response.

Do you have a bunch of oils laying around from a sister-in-law that was part of a MLM company?  Let me offer some deeper medicine regarding them and how to apply.  Question about oils and children?  Immunity inquiry?

*Cancellation Policy and Refunds regarding online consultations.

Thank you for embarking upon this journey of self-discovery. Regarding my cancellation policy:  My time, as is yours, is a precious commodity.   Part of my practice of SLOW medicine is that I “begin” my work with you when I receive your forms.  In respect of such these are my cancellation policies, that of course when life throws an unimagined curve ball into the pretense of our controlling our lives… there can be exceptions at my discretion.

  • NO REFUNDS if cancel before 24 hours.
  • 50% refund – or used as a credit towards another scheduled appointment, if cancel within 3 days.
  • Full refund if cancel before 3 days.

Already purchased a 3- or 6-session package and ready to schedule your appointment?

*Standard cancellation policy applies to pre-purchased sessions.