Life is hectic, slowing down is key for balance. Since 1999 my acupuncture practice has evolved with the implementing of herbs, essential oils, sound therapy, stone medicine, food harmonizers and Five Element wisdom to offer each being an opportunity to reset, listen within and find Your unique way to BE in the world. Tap into your innate healing energy and let the river of life flow… so you may thrive.



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Elemental Integration!

I am Blair Sylvan Grey, a practicing Doctor of Oriental Medicine since 1999.

Ready to have your own “r-evolution”… be accountable for your well-being and liberation?  Please check the offerings I have created for these amazingly intensely transformative times.

Latest Sparkles!

“Intentional Living” and practice protocol updates…

Greetings fellow travelers, I awoke to the words "Intentional Living" a few nights ago... I often have phrases come through in the wee hours which are infused with what feels like vibrational codes for an upgrade of sorts.   The coronavirus is creating havoc upon the...

Corona Virus Perspective: Herb and Oil allies…

Greetings Fellow Travelers… WOW what a journey huh?!  These times continue to push us beyond our comfort zones and into the unknown.  First, I must share that my intention is to inform and not activate fear!  Fear is like a virus… energetically it thrives on itself...

Raven Wisdom… one stick at a time

Greetings Fellow Travelers, I am sipping on tea, the pups are finally lounging in the sun and I am listening to my sacred vortex in the trees of Pecos. As we are coming closer to Spring and the weather teases us with warmth and mud... but reminds, with the icy chill...

Elemental Integration Acupuncture is my private practice located on Upper Canyon Road in Santa Fe. Individual sessions are available on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.  Please contact me at 505-699-4188

Transformative Online Wellness Consultations  –  please see my offerings page for the multi-faceted ways I may be of service to you.

Another’s perspective is an invaluable resource for those who seek integration during times of transition and wish to thrive in their daily lives.  My service usually is a combination of all of the above!

Keep Calm and Sparkle On!