1519/1521 Upper Canyon Rd, Studio #5


The following directions are provided for your convenience


  • Drive 0.9 mi on Upper Canyon Road (towards the Audubon center) turn LEFT at 1519/1521.
  • Drive down between the houses on the dirt drive, go over the river, and to the right there will be two buildings.
  • Drive in-between the two buildings and park where available.
  • My studio, #5, is located in the middle of the building you just passed on your right, closest to the river. You will see a small pine tree and flower pots in front of my office door.
  • I will keep an eye out for your arrival. Feel free to text me if you’re having trouble finding my studio.


  • If I am with a client, you will see an “In Session” sign, please wait outside the door and I’ll be with you shortly
  • You are welcome to sit by the calming river, weather permitting
  • Restrooms are located in the first building on the left


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